The main difficulty was figuring out how to connect to the client’s POS system and if we can make it possible for people to both: pre-pay their order and pay at the counter.


The main goal of this application was to reduce wait time in lines for coffee and create a more loyal user base through a system of reward points.


As a result, we’ve developed an application that motivated people to sign up for by rewarding them with free drinks and cash bonuses. We also managed to create a simple ordering process that customers can use in and out of the store.


The main user story for our app is the ordering process. The flow had to be smooth yet still allow for different customizations such as drink size and additional syrups.




On the design side, we had the benefit of our client already having an established brand. However, they have not gone digital before. Therefore, we need to match the black & white dark feel of their coffee shops with our interface.


Order your drink from
nearest cafe

With Ground Central app you can place an order
in just a few taps and then track its
preparation status.

Read latest coffee
and company news

What makes Ground Central brand different is that they are focused
on growing a community. Therefore, it was important that
we insert a feed as a way for the brand to communicate
with its customers.

Become a loyal
customer, get rewards

Ground Central application rewards for uploading money to your GC wallet, buying drinks and pastries, and much more. The more you use the app the more cash back you get.