NetSuite for Manufacturers: Streamlining Your Production Process

NetSuite is the leading provider of cloud-based business management solutions for Manufacturing. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, NetSuite provides you with the technology and insight to bring your vision to life.

Why NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing Company?

NetSuite ERP for Manufacturing Companies offers all necessary modules, including Manufacturing, distribution, and retail, with a keen eye on business growth, scalability, and enhanced security.NetSuite for manufacturers is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that automates the entire manufacturing process from sales, planning, procurement, and production.

NetSuite Manufacturing Modules

Assemblies and Work Orders

Assemblies and Work Orders are two of the most common manufacturing module types of NetSuite. Assemblies create a single item from multiple components, such as a car body or laptop computer. Work Orders allow you to manage the progress of an assembly until it is complete. Assemblies can also be used to create kits that contain multiple parts. For example, you could create a kit containing metal and plastic pieces that can assemble into a finished product.

Routing and Work in Progress (WIP)

The routing module allows you to route orders from one customer to another. It is useful when you have multiple product suppliers or send an order to a supplier in another country and allows you to see where an order is being shipped from and where it is being sent. Routing lets you view all your products’ work-in-progress (WIP) information. You can see how much inventory is left and when it will be needed again by viewing them on a bar graph, pie chart, or as a list (Dashboard).

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting identifies and quantifies future market demand for a product, service, or program. The process considers the current state of the market and trends that may affect demand in the future. It is a process that helps you forecast how much you should be selling in a given timeframe and helps you plan your sales activities, work with vendors, and ensure you have enough inventory to meet customer demand.

Engineer-to-Order (ETO)

Engineer-to-Order (ETO) is a cloud-based manufacturing module in NetSuite that enables you to order parts from your suppliers. Ordering parts from your suppliers is a great way to get the most competitive pricing and ensure you have the parts you need when you need them. You can create a part request, upload a drawing or photo of the part, and specify quantity, lead time, and other details about the part so that NetSuite can automatically generate an invoice for your supplier.

NetSuite Electronic Payments Solution

NetSuite’s electronic payments solution provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution to process, capture, and manage all electronic payments. The NetSuite Electronic Payments solution integrates with your current payment processing system to deliver a seamless customer experience. It is a multi-channel solution that allows you to accept payments from any web browser or mobile device. Your customers can pay with a credit card, direct debit, or e-check through your website or mobile phone.

Financial Management

A financial module provides various analytical and reporting capabilities, from simple statement analysis to advance budgeting and forecasting. Financial management includes the ability to customize reports for different users, such as managers, team members, or executives. That allows manufacturers to manage their finances from anywhere in the world. These tools help companies track inventory, manage cash flow, and provide alerts when expenses exceed budgeted amounts, making it easier for managers to keep tabs on sales, costs, and profits for each product line within the company.

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NetSuite Manufacturing Guide

The continued expansion of the high-tech manufacturing sector is examined in this business guide, along with the inner workings of these companies and how NetSuite helps manufacturing businesses achieve ground-breaking results. Look at how NetSuite affects the entire manufacturing process and ensures manufacturing success. Advance your manufacturing strategy by downloading this NetSuite manufacturing pdf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best ERP for Manufacturing Industry?

NetSuite for the Manufacturing industry offers a complete, integrated solution for manufacturers. Whether you are looking to manage inventory, track orders and shipments, or manage the complex details of manufacturing processes, NetSuite for Manufacturing has a solution for you.

What are the features of ERP software in Manufacturing?

The top Features of ERP software in Manufacturing are:

Inventory Management: Cloud ERP helps track inventory levels and manage replenishment.

Production Management: ERP tracks inventory through all stages of production, including raw materials, manufacturing equipment, and finished products.

System Integrations: Cloud-based ERP for Manufacturing offers integration with other software that allows users to access their existing data with ERP. This connection allows users to easily import contacts, leads, and opportunities from other systems into ERP.

Procurement: Manage your suppliers from one location with ERP Supplier Management Suite, which enables one to update supplier information easily, conduct audits, view data from supplier payment systems, schedule shipments, and more.

Why is ERP Manufacturing software important?

As the manufacturing industry gains growth momentum, businesses need to scale more quickly and efficiently. ERP system allows manufacturers to plan, budget, and track their entire manufacturing operation from one place. ERP solution provides real-time visibility across business operations, including sales and marketing, procurement, production management, and more.

What is cloud-based manufacturing ERP software?

There are different manufacturing software operating in manufacturing companies, but Cloud-based Manufacturing ERP software provides manufacturers with real-time inventory, production, and sales tracking. It is accessible anytime, anywhere, and is an easy-to-use system that allows users to store their data in a database. Manufacturers access this information online while working on their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

How does Cloud ERP help manufacturing companies?

Cloud ERP for manufacturing companies can help you make smarter decisions, enable better collaboration, and drive greater efficiency. Cloud ERP systems are built on a foundation of standardized business processes that empower companies to deliver efficient, responsive, and engineered solutions. It automates quote management with pricing, tax, and discounts. Also creates, runs, and monitors email campaigns for lead conversion. ERP for manufacturers turns quotes into orders, then finance for invoicing and revenue tracking.